Annor was spawned from a consultancy and training business after Value Engineering studies showed that UK end users were paying considerably more for structured cabling systems than their new world counterparts. These cost differences were mainly due to the design innovations that were present in abundance in new world countries and which contrasted sharply with the UK traditionalists approach of "we have always done it this way".

Through the application of Value Engineering Methodologies and design innovation Annor offers its customers a cost of quality reduction on structured cabling systems of at least 30% compared to the UK traditional approach. This allows Annor to provide its customers with high performance Cat6 systems at less cost than a mediocre Cat5e.

The Annor team members have experience on £100millions of projects worldwide. From this pedigree Annor are able to offer its customers the lowest risk innovative solutions by integrating our experience with the worlds best products.

Annor are dedicated to providing best value for money, optimal fit, business solutions for its customers.

Annor Ltd Registered in England No. 3387818, 17 June 1997